Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Fanziners: Constantino Romero Vs Dios

Javi San nuestro colega de de los Silly Walks nos propueso a Eva y a mi participar en el último The Fanziners sobre enfrentamientos entre personajes legendarios.  A nosotros nos toco El Gran Constantino Romero Vs Dios.   Y aquí esta el resultado.  

Our friend Javi San from Silly Walks propoused that We, Eva and I, made a little comic  for The Fanziners, Its theme this time was a fight betwen legends. We had to draw Constantino Romero (A very famous Spanish actor, and overall voice actor, who put his voice to characters like Darth Vader in the spanish version of Star Wars, for example) Vs God. And this is the result.